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Conversation 6: Managing Poor Performance

You are concerned about the recent performance of a member of your team. They have been delayed on every deliverable to a client and their content was poorly organised, rushed, and unpolished. Your objective is to discuss their performance with them and then work together to create a plan of action to address the issues.

Meet the Characters:
  • Susie has a serious personality but is still rather pleasant. She is very articulate and always wants to do a good job.
  • Troy is a hardworking and valued employee but has difficulty with authority and can be argumentative as he thinks he knows best. He believes he is getting his work done and questions the need to keep specific working hours. He can be defensive and is reluctant to take on board other's point of view especially when confronted with criticism.
  • Mike is very articulate and is good at getting himself out of difficult situations and is quick to anger but is not stubborn and will truthful when confronted. He has a good sense of humour and will often make light of situations.
* The character you communicate with will be chosen at random. Assessment Framework Goals:
  • Setting a welcoming tone
  • Focusing on facts
  • Being empathetic and acknowledging feelings
  • Remaining calm and polite
  • Collaborating and setting a plan of action to address the issue

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