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Conversation 4: Getting A Project Back On Schedule

You manage a newly promoted project manager who has been working on a project for three months. The project schedule has been delayed by a month and this is starting to have a financial impact. There's a risk of damaging relationships with suppliers as well. Your objective is to support this project manager while also identifying where issues lie in order to help them see how to get the project back on schedule. 

Meet the Characters:
  • Sam is outgoing and social and wants to stay friends with his team now that he is their manager. He will prioritise team relationships over project progress and is not fully aware of the delays and barriers. He has a positive attitude and is very trusting but is unaware of his shortcomings and will make light of situations when confronted.
  • Nadia is aware that she lacks some managerial skills and due to past pushbacks is hesitant to tell people what to do. She is hardworking but does not have a clear idea of the projects schedule and is reluctant to stop doing the smaller duties in the field that she enjoys. She is motivated and career driven but is intimidated by her direct reports due to their advanced experience and age.
  • Maxwell is a respected member of the team with strong people skills and has no trouble delegating. He is intelligent and produces good results but struggles with dates and tasks if not reminded which impacts his deadlines. He is easily overwhelmed and embarrassed about discussing his shortcomings but is aware of them.
* The character you communicate with will be chosen at random. Assessment Framework Goals:
  • Setting a supportive tone
  • Identifying the time management mistakes being made and areas for improvement
  • Demonstrating active listening
  • Agreeing on steps to get the project on track, including steps to manage other people's contributions
  • Identifying ways that you as a manager can support your direct report

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