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Conversation 2: Managing A Disengaged Member of Your Virtual Team

Your organisation has recently moved to a remote working environment. A team member of yours is producing quality work, but their communication became noticeably worse after going virtual. Your objective is to practice active listening to understand why they have become disengaged and to help establish practical and positive steps that get them back on track and contributing fully to the team.

Meet the Characters:
  • Kate lacks confidence due to being young and new to the company but is always respectful, polite and friendly. She can be pessimistic and nervous about achieving goals and needs some persuading to step out of her comfort zone for new opportunities but is grateful for support.
  • Arjun is older than others on the team and is apprehensive about new technology. He has experienced teasing from teammates about his IT skills and is often embarrassed to ask for help. He can be stubborn to new ideas of working and requires prompting to elaborate when confronted.
  • Matteo isn't a bully but can be passive aggressive and curt. Having recently been passed over for promotion he can be defensive and is reluctant to talk about it. He is avoidant of accountability and will get bored easily.
* The character you communicate with will be chosen at random. Assessment Framework Goals:
  • Setting the tone for an effective conversation from start to end
  • Getting to the heart of the problem using active listening
  • Clearly and firmly communicating the impacts of the team members behavior and the need for improvement
  • Encouraging the team member to suggest practical solutions of their own
  • Agreeing practical and positive next steps, including clarifying accountability

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