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Conversation 5: Delegating Customer Service Tasks

You manage a customer service representative who has been in the role for just over a year. You need to delegate a task to this person, but they are reluctant to take on the extra work. Your objective is to find out why they are hesitant to accept the task and then get them to accept it in a way that leaves them empowered and prepared to overcome any blocks.

Meet the Characters:
  • Janine is very driven and confident both in herself and in her role but without ego. She is talkative and friendly but is concerned the task will interfere with her caring responsibilities outside of work.
  • Maria is stubborn and doesn't like change but she is confident and a direct communicator without being rude.
  • Omar lacks confidence and suffers from imposter syndrome and gets nervous when stepping out of his comfort zone. He uses few words when communicating but is still polite and friendly.
* The character you communicate with will be chosen at random. Assessment Framework Goals:
  • Using active listening to identify why they are reluctant to accept this task
  • Identifying and agreeing ways to overcome any blockers
  • Dealing with any pushback in a polite manner and keeping on topic
  • Delegating this task successfully
  • Agreeing next steps and outlining ways you will support them

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