The timeline below maps out the learning journey of this OTS learning experience

1 Welcome to Empowering Women Leaders

This section will set you up to get the most out of this learning. You'll hear from our key sponsor, find out how to use and navigate around the experience, and finally you'll hear from an expert who knows a thing or two about Empowering Women Leaders!

2 Women in the Workplace Today

This section is all about the situations women find themselves in, in the corporate world. We'll begin by considering why supporting women in the workplace is crucial for a modern organisation, before looking at the statistics on what it's like for female leaders. Finally we'll conclude this section with some resources to support mental health at work.

3 Creating a more empathetic workplace

Empathy is a vital leadership competency for any organisation that wants to move ahead. "Empathetic leadership means having the ability to understand the needs of others, and being aware of their feelings and thoughts" (Center for Creative Leadership 2022). This section provides insight, tools and resources on how everyone can help create an empathetic workplace.

4 Owning your Leadership Skills

This section is full of leadership training content! Feel free to browse and pick those elements you feel you'd benefit from.

5 Using our Uniqueness together

Welcome to the final section in this learning experience! Forming professional networks, communities and, more generally, organising support for each other is key to our success both collectively, and as individuals. This section provides the materials AND the discussion space to get started with this task.

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