Subject Matter Experts matter

We know that great learning starts with the content. That’s why we start with the end in mind we find and retain some world-class knowledge so you don’t have to and our team of Subject Matter Experts help us to produce great content.

We are delighted they work with us and we are proud of the team we have working behind the scenes to help us produce our world-class catalogues of learning you can trust. Straight off the shelf.

Our Subject matter experts help us to create great content by starting with the end in mind. So we can develop a deep understanding of the learning needs for you, your teams and your organization as a whole to demonstrate success at the end.

Working with this incredible pool of talent we focus on real-world outcomes. For us, the goal is to ensure impact and change rather than merely delivering training.

We aren’t limited to any one way to deliver great learning, like gamified learning or micro-learning. Instead, we use the team’s brilliant skills and experience and use the right approach and formats for the written contents needs, creating engaging and proven digital solutions.

Regular reviews with our SMEs throughout the development of our content to make certain that our approach is meeting the industry requirements, they keep us and your learners on the right track and we challenge them with leading edge learning design.