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The Application of Lean
lesson / 35m

This module aims to outline the most important aspects of lean and demonstrate how you can use the methodology for process improvement in an […]

The Introduction to Lean
lesson / 10m

This module aims to explain what lean is and show how you can apply the principles to reduce the different types of waste created […]

Setting yourself up for Good Manufacturing Practice
lesson / 10m

In this last module in our series on GMP. We’ll finish by taking a quick look at how to set your organisation up well […]

Practical Examples of Lean
lesson / 25m

In this e-learning we look at some practical examples of lean manufacturing, including the different tools that can be used for day-to-day management . […]

Applying Good Manufacturing Practice
lesson / 20m

This is the second of four modules on GMP. We’ll look at how GMP is applied and what areas are covered. We’ll also give […]

Audits of Good Manufacturing Practice
lesson / 15m

This is the third of four modules on GMP. In this module we’re going to look at Audits: what they are, why they’re important […]