Welcome to SHOWCASE by Learning Pool

Our home for Off-The-Shelf eLearning. This FAQ page should help you Navigate Showcase like a pro!

What is Showcase?

Showcase is Learning Pool’s content marketplace where you can shop Learning Pool’s Off the Shelf Content offer for your organisation. Showcase allows you to sample our 700+ elearning lessons and take a deep dive into our content offer via Collections

Getting Started on Showcase

Showcase Homepage introduces you to Learning Pools Off the Shelf content. Listen to Jack Quantrill tell you about How we design our content, Read about Where we build our lessons on our Adapt Builder and get a glimpse of customers favourite lessons and the newest additions.

The Search bar is front and centre. Ready to explore the content and find what you are looking for but, if you’d like to see our full offer, select the libraries button to start diving into our content offer. 

Your Account profile is home to your account details and lets you know who your main Learning Pool Contact is, if you need their help for any reason

What is a Library/Collection/Lesson?

  • Library – A set of Collections on a core theme E.g. Fair, Safe and Legal, Business Skills etc
  • Collection – A set of Lessons collated together around a topic or skill (Health and Safety, Compliance 101) 
  • Lesson – An individual learning experience formally known as a module or course

I’m already a Learning Pool Catalogue customer, how does this affect me?

This is up to you, you can ask your account manager to move you over to the new collections or you can renew your current contract. But, You are under no obligation to move. If you are interested in moving to collections, let us know and we’ll work out the best option for you whether that’s trying some new content or ensuring that you have the same content 

How do I get an account?

If you are already a Learning Pool customer, contact your account manager and they’ll get you set up with an account.

If you are not an existing customer, fill in the Get in Touch form and one of our team will be in- touch with login details

How do I evaluate the content before subscribing?

If you’d like to evaluate and make certain that the content is relevant for you, we’ve made that easy. Simply navigate to the lesson page & you’ll have the option to preview the content. This will let you sample the elearning lesson. Make sure you are signed in, this feature is only available to those with an account

Are the lessons & collections written with Subject Matter Experts

Yes they are! We work with 20+ Subject matter experts to help write and review all of our lessons. You can check them out on our Experts page (on the footer)


There’s endless reasons to create lists. We have +50 collections in the Libraries, it can be a little overwhelming to start to select what you need. On Showcase, we have all our collections and lessons that are available now and we also have ‘Coming Soon’ Collections.  This is so you can plan ahead, see what’s coming and decide if you need and when you want to launch it.

All lists are so you can request a quote without hassle! 

Here’s some examples of Lists:

  • Renewal Lists: It’s time for renewal and you need to start investigating what collections you’d like to review? 
      • Renewal 2022: Create a list that allows you to have all the details in one place.
      • Renewal 2022 Changes: Renewing but want to Change some Collections? Duplicate your Renewal list, and name it as Renewal 2022 Changes List. Here you’ll have everything that was in the required list but you can add or swap out those other collections that you’d like to have to
  • Don’t forget: Some new collections coming soon that you want to remember to check out? Create a list that you can review when released.
  • Mid-Contract 2022: Need to add collections during your current contract? Add a mid-contract list with what you need. 
  • Currently Have Collections: What about seeing what’s in your current subscription? Creating a list that lets you see what is currently available to you without leaving Showcase. 
  • Mapping List: Are you currently mapping from catalogues to collections? Creating a list will help organise all the collections you need into one place and help you decide what’s best for your organisation
  • Launching List: New to Learning Pool or switched to collections? You might not want to launch all the content at the one time. Use your lists to organise the launch schedule by having a list for each launch 
    • Launch 1: Compliance
    • Launch 2: Leadership And so on!
  • Learning Programme: Starting a new Learning Programme or initiative in your organisation? Create a list of content already available and possible ‘coming soon’ content so you can see what collections can be used to support it. These could be any programmes, we’ve got a few examples we’ve seen used before
      • Leadership
      • Onboarding
      • Upskilling 
      • ESG – sustainability
      • Mandatory Compliance
  • Tender Lists: Not a Learning Pool customer at present but having a look at the collections to potentially become a customer? Why not create a list of collections for your sales person to let them know what you need.
      • You might already have a list of topics that you need so you could create a Required List 
      • You might also have some collections that are ‘Nice to have’ so you could Duplicate your required list and name it as Required & Liked List. Here you’ll have everything that was in the required list but you can add those other collections that you’d like to have too 
  • Don’t forget you can collaborate with others on those lists as long as they have a showcase account! That could be anyone from your manager, compliance lead, HR, or even your contact at Learning Pool if you want their help! Just Edit your list, add them as a collaborator and work away – it really is that easy!